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AT89C2051 Prototype Board PCB

  :: AT89C2051 Prototype Board :: It is very suitable for 8051 learners, hobbyest, as wel as profetionals who are working with AT89C2051 / ... more info

8051 Experiment Board -RS232

Very Low Cost Basic KIT for 8051 micro-controller experiments. Specifications: 40 Pin 8051 Micro-controller Compatible. In built RS232 Interface for ... more info

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PIC16F84A Development Board

This is a general purpose prototype board for PIC16F84A Micro-Controller. Very Simple Single Side Designe with large prtotype area. FEATURES: ... more info

ATMEGA8 Development Board

ATMEGA8 DEVELOPMENT BOARD Very easy to use and versatile yet the lowest possible cost, makes this board absolutely necessary for any amateur or ... more info

Low Cost ATTNY2313 Development Board

  :: Low Cost ATTNY2313 Development Board :: Have a great START for those who like to upgrade themselves from 8051 to AVR. ATTNY2313 is the ... more info

ATMEGA16 Experiment Board

This is as usual low cost experiment Board for ATMEGA16 or ATMEGA8535 controller of AVR. Features: All IOs of ATMEGA is available. Inbuilt ... more info

PIC18F4550 Experiment Board

Very Simple Experiment Board or so called quick start board for PIC18F4550 micro-controller. PIC18F4550 is itself USB enabled micro-controller and so ... more info

8051 Rapid Development Board

Low cost solution for Quick Start with 8051 Development Board. In built USB Programmer cum USB Power Supply makes this board special. All I/Os are ... more info


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ATMEGA Development Board

Complete AVR "ATMEGA" Development Board, 'AWM16V1' is a development board designed for the hobbyist and engineers who want to ... more info


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PIC16F/18FXXX Development Board

           Complete PIC Development Board, 'AW16FV1' is a development board designer for ... more info


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