Resistors-Capacitors & Others

Product Image Item Name- Price
100Pcs Resistors CFR

Pack of 100 pcs 1/4 Watt CFR i.e. of 5% Tollerence Made In India, Not Imported

100Pcs Resistor MFR

100 Pcs 1/4 Watt MFR (1% Tollerence) Resistor. Made In India, Not Imported.

100Pcs Disk Cap

100 Pcs Disk Type Ceremic Capacitors

25Pcs 1uF 63V Capacitor

Pack of 25 Pcs KELTRON or Similar Quality Make

25Pcs 10uF 63V Capacitor

Pack of 25Pcs KELTRON or Similar Make

15Pcs 100uF 63V

Pack of 15 Pcs KELTRON or Similar Quality Make.

100Pcs 0805 Resistor

Pack of 100 Pcs SMD Resistor of 1/10 Watt SMD size code: 0805

100Pcs 0805 Capacitor

Pack of 100 Pcs SMD Capacitor SMD Size Code: 0805

10Pcs SMD 10uF 16V

Pack of 10Pcs Electrolyte SMD Capacitor

10Pcs SMD 100uF 16V

Pack of 10 Pcs Electrolyte SMD Capacitor