ATMEGA8 Development Board

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Very easy to use and versatile yet the lowest possible cost, makes this board absolutely necessary for any amateur or professional experimenter or developer. Low PIN count and extraordinary powerful AVR Microcontroller Chip makes ATMEGA8 very popular, and the small & cute look of the development board is also likely to be most popular.


  1. Professional Grade Double Side PTH PCB.
  2. All the I/Os are termineted at 10 Pin FRC Connectors for easy to connect out world peripherals.
  3. On Board I2C connector to connect RTC or other I2C Chips.
  4. On Board ISP Socket to program the Chip with out removing from the Board. This make competibal to use the board with our "AVR ALL Programmer".
  5. On Board RS232 Connector to directly Connect with PC or other Serial Peripherals. Voltage Label converter chip MAX232 and its surrounding circuits are also included on board.
  6. On Board Reliment Connector for inserting external VREF Voltage.
  7. On Board RESET switch to reset the chip with out removing the power.
  8. On Board Power Socket (DC) and on board DC Regulation. 

Specifications :

  1. 8k bytes programmable flash
  2. 1k bytes SRAM
  3. 512b bytes EEPROM
  4. 8 MHz operation  (Up to 8 MIPS )
  5. 23 I/O pins
  6. 6 channel 10 bit ADC
  7. 3 PWM Channels
  8. 2 8-bit timers/counters
  9. 1 16-bit timer/counter
  10. 1 hardware serial UART
  11. SPI master/slave
  12. Power consumption ~ 20 mA