Complete AVR Development Board

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This is a State of Art, Complete AVR Micro-Controller Development Board. Any New Bee or a Professional Micro-Controller Developer will find this board very much attractive and useful as they can develop their software very easily efficiently and quickly with the help of this development board. The main heart of the board is the AVR micro-controller ATMEGA128. This is a advance AVR micro-controller which has got all most every features that can be available with different AVR Controller. Most attractive features is that it can be powered by directly USB port of your computer as well as it has got also a separate external Power (12V DC) socket. It has got LED, LCD, GLCD, Seven Segment Display, Push Button Switches, Buzzer, Relay Driver, Stepper Motor, Servo Motor, RTC, EEPROM, MMC/SD Connector, ADCs, USB, ISP & JTAG, External Interrupt Sources, Temperature Sensor. More Over user can directly interact with any of the port, as all the I/O ports are available with connectors.


  • All I/Os are available with connectors.
  • On board Reset Controller Circuit.
  • On Board 8 MHz Crystal.
  • On Board Two Pot for Experiment with Two Channels ADC.
  • On Board 8 LED with Enable/Disable Jumper Settings.
  • On Board 8 Push Button Switches.
  • On Board 8 Seven Segment Display with SPI Driver Circuit.
  • On Board LCD socket for 8X1 or 8X2 or 16X2 or 20X4 Character LCD.
  • On Board GLCD (Graphic LCD) socket for 128X64 etc.
  • On Board 8 Relay Driver.
  • On Board Stepper Motor Driver.
  • On Board Servo Motor Driver.
  • On Board Buzzer for generation of sound or alarm.
  • On Board Temperature Sensor (DS18B20)
  • On Board RTC (DS1370) with its peripheral circuits like Battery Backup, Crystal and Buzzer.
  • On Board EEPROM (AT24C08)
  • On Board MMC/SD card socket for any data logging application.
  • On Board USB Driver with USB Socket.
  • On Board USB can deliver power for the Board.
  • On Board USB can also be used for downloading application firmware when used with Boot Loader. Free Boot Loader program is supplied with CD.
  • On Board ISP for programming the board with external programmer.
  • On Board JTAG for debugging your application with external de-bugger.
  • On board External Power Supply (12VDC) Socket. Board is intelligent enough to chose external power or USB Power.
  • On Board +5V and +3V3 voltage regulator. Jumper Setting for choosing +5V or +3V3, as you may have different application demanding +5V or +3V3
  • Pre-Loded Boot Loader, so no need of external ISP Programmer. You can directly program through BASCOM Editor or you can use stand alon Programmer Softwear (Available with the CD) to program the chip with out using any external programmer device.


Board Description

1.    DC +9V to +12V Input.

2.    USB Socket Input for Alternate Power and Communication.

3.    8 Seven Segment Display.

4.    MMC/SD Card Socket.

5.    8 Micro-Switches for Experiments.

6.    RESET Switch

7.    16X2 LCD and GLCD Connector and two contrast POT. Only One set is available at a time.

8.    Servo Motor Connector.

9.    ULN2803 and Stepper Motor Connector.

10. DS1802B, Temperature Sensor optional.

11. 8 LEDs for Experiments.

12. Buzzer for sound generation.

13. Two External Interrupt Switch.

14. Two POT for ADC Experiments

15. JTAG connector for connecting external debugger device.


17. DS1370 RTC and its peripherals.

18. ISP Connector to connect external AVR Programmer.

19. Main Power ON/OFF Switch.

20. ATMEGA128 and All of its I/O Ports