AT89C2051 Prototype Board PCB

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 :: AT89C2051 Prototype Board ::

It is very suitable for 8051 learners, hobbyest, as wel as profetionals who are working with AT89C2051 / AT89C1051 / AT89C4051 or AVR 20 Pin Micro-controllers. It helps to reduce the development time of any project.




  1. Burg socket for all the 15 I/O lines.
  2. Large prototype area for adding extra pheripherals.
  3. Standered 12Volt DC/AC input socket.
  4. 5 Volt regulator inbuilt.
  5. Power On indication LED inbuilt.
  6. RS232 Ready. Just Plug & Play. MAX232 inbuilt.
  7. RESET Push Button for 8051 family IC and option for bypass the switch in case of AVR.

Note: Please Note That We are supplying only bare PCB, NOT COMPLETE POPULATED AS SHOWN IN PRODUCT IMAGE. Schematic is taken from We are thankful to them.