AW51V2 8051 Development Board

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P89V51RD2 Development Board

About P89V51RD2 microcontroller

The P89V51RD2 is an 80C51 microcontroller with 64 kB Flash and 1024 bytes of data RAM. A key feature of the P89V51RD2 is its X2 mode option. The design engineer can choose to run the application with the conventional 80C51 clock rate (12 clocks per machine cycle) or select the X2 mode (6 clocks per machine cycle) to achieve twice the throughput at the same clock frequency. Another way to benefit from this feature is to keep the same pormance by reducing the clock frequency by half, thus dramatically reducing the EMI.

The Flash program memory supports both parallel programming and in serial In-System Programming (ISP). Parallel programming mode offers gang-programming at high speed, reducing programming costs and time to market. ISP allows a device to be reprogrammed in the end product under software control. The capability to field/update the application firmware makes a wide range of applications possible. The P89V51RD2 is also In-Application Programmable (IAP), allowing the Flash program memory to be reconfigured even while the application is running.

Features of P89V51RD2 can detail as:

  • 80C51 Central Processing Unit
  • 5 V Operating voltage from 0 to 40 MHz
  • 64 kB of on-chip Flash program memory with ISP (In-System Programming) and IAP (In-Application Programming)
  • Supports 12-clock (default) or 6-clock mode selection via software or ISP
  • SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) and enhanced UART
  • PCA (Programmable Counter Array) with PWM and Capture/Compare Functions
  • Four 8-bit I/O ports with three high-current Port 1 pins (16 mA each)
  • Three 16-bit timers/counters
  • Programmable Watchdog timer (WDT)
  • Eight interrupt sources with four priority levels
  • Second DPTR register
  • Low EMI mode (ALE inhibit)
  • TTL- and CMOS-compatible logic levels
  • Brown-out detection
  • Low power modes
  • Power-down mode with external interrupt wake-up
  • Idle mode
  • PDIP40, PLCC44 and TQFP44 packages

AW51V2 Fly

AW-51 V2: P89V51RD2 MCS-51 Microcontroller Development Board Features:

  • Support Philips’s P89C (V) 51Rx2 (P89V51RD2BN on-board) Clock 11.0592MHz
  • In -system programming via serial port
  • Select PROGRAM with a switch
  • On-board 16x2 LCD module
  • 8-LEDs and 2-digit LED 7 segments
  • Piezo speaker
  • 4x3 Matrix switch
  • Relay and stepper motor driver circuit
  • DS1820 1-wire Temperature IC
  • DS1307 Real-time clock IC
  • 2-Interrupt switch l RS-232 interface
  • PCF8574A I/O expander IC
  • 24C16 SEEPROM on-board
  • D/A converter R-2R ladder
  • I2C bus-based ADC 4 ch. and 1 DAC by PCF8591
  • Connecter for Timer2 and PCA module
  • Port1 can select 2 modes: P1 or Timer2 and PCA
  • Use with DC adapter+12V 500-800mA
  • Polarity protection circuit

Flash Magic software
The ISP software that use with AW-51Development Board is Flash Magic V2.0 or higher. You can download the latest version at After downloaded, install at your computer that have Windows 98SE or higher. Before using this software, must connect the experiment board with computerl serial port.

The MCS-51 CD-ROM information
The CD-ROM that bundled with AW-51 V2 development board is contained many software and experiment codes.

EXPERIMENTS: You can find the most important folder in the CD ROM is EXPERIMENTS. Here you will get individual HEX Files for the following Experiments.

  1. Experiments with LEDs
  2. Experiments with LCD
  3. Experiments with FNDs
  4. Experiments with Buzzer
  5. Experiments with RTC
  6. Experiments with I2C EEPROM
  7. Experiments with I2C IO Expander, Simple Input and Simple Output
  8. Experiments with I2C ADC & DAC.
  9. Experiments with Matrix Switch Board
  10. Experiments with Simple DAC with R2R resistor ladder
  11. Experiments with Relay
  12. Experiments with Stepper Motor
  13. Experiments with RS232 Communication
  14. Experiments with External Interrupts
  15. Experiments with Timers Interrupts
  16. Experiments with Counters

DATASHEETS: Here you can find the datasheets of P89C51RD2 as well as other series of 8051 controllers.

FLASH MAGIC: Here you can find the latest version of Flash magic software.

Free Codes: Here you can find various codes and routines for 8051 series of controllers in ASM or C or BASIC, which are very useful and available freely on the net.

Complements: Here you will find many useful and free software, compilers, and simulators for 8051.

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