Multiple AC Controller

  • Model: MAC01-DD
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Multiple AC Controller

This is an industrial quality product suited for the temperature controlled rooms where multiple Air Conditioner Units has been deployed for the job. Not only it controls the ON/OFFS of different AC, but also control the sequence of the AC operations and maximum time of operation of a particular AC, along with many other unique features.

  • Highly Powerful ATMEGA128L micro-controller controlled.
  • High Precision (PT100) temperature sensor for sensing of room temperature.
  • Provision of using multiple (up to 8 no’s) sensors.
  • User Selectable Logic (in case of multiple sensor option), like using average temperature, maximum temperature or minimum temperature for operation of AC.
  • All sensors data are 4-20mA based, so that sensor units can be mounted a long distance.
  • Maximum eight (8) no’s of inbuilt Relays for Switching of Eight AC.
  • User can select the maximum no’s of AC. So that user can use from minimum two AC to up to Eight AC.
  • User Selectable maximum Time for operation of Individual AC.
  • User selectable Time Hysteresis and Temperature Hysteresis.
  • User selectable temperature selectivity.
  • 20X4 Blue Black high quality LCD.
  • AC230 Operational Voltage Input with Fuse Socket at Back Panel.
  • 8X2 COM-NO industry standard connecter for all relays.
  • Cabinet Size:
    • box: 192 x 96 x 150 mm Bezel :
      Inside : 178 x 79
      Outside : 184 x 91 x 6.4
    • Frame : Inside : 181 x 85
      Outside : 193 x 99 x 12 Chasis
  • Input Voltage: AC230V
  • 16X2 Blue Back or Yellow Back LCD
  • Sensors: PT100

Application Area:

  • Operation Theatre
  • Pathology Labs
  • Chemical Labs
  • Server Rooms
  • Computer Rooms
  • ATM Counters