Digital Voltage Stabiliser KIT

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:: Digital Voltage Stabilizer KIT ::

Complete Micro-controller Based System for Relay Type Voltage Stabilizers. Visual Seven Segment Type Display for Input and out put Voltage. Also shows Current.
Over Voltage and Under Voltage Protection and Indication at Display. Intelligent Time Delay to protect the Output devices for Very irregular fluctuation of Input Voltage. Very Low Cost and Easy replacement of the present Analog Based PCB.


  1. Complete Micro-Controller ( AT89C2051 ) Based System for Relay types AC Voltage Stabilizers. A maximum of Four relay can be operated in any required manner.
  2. Senses Output voltage to energies appropriate Relays to change Transformer Taps to maintain the Output Voltage within a given range.
  3.  Output is cut off in case Output Voltage falls below (say about 90V) and rises above (say about 280V) a specified value. One of the four relay has been used for this purpose.
  4.  Intelligent time delay is provided at power on or at recovery from a low or high output voltage condition.
  5.  Time delay is intelligent so that its starts from Power Off or Cut Off condition. A Push Button instant Start is built in.
  6.  Output Current or Load on the Stabilizer is measured and directly read in Amperes.
  7.  Input Voltage is measured and can be displayed on pressing of a Push Button.
  8.  Suitable indications are provided in each case.
  9.  A three digit Seven Segment display is provided on board to indicate Input Output Voltages, Output Current and Time in seconds. Output Voltage and Current is displayed turn by turn. A decimal XX.X tells the user that the indication is of Amperes.
  10.  When Current option is not taken only the Output Voltage will be shown.
  11.  At High or Low Cut off the same display shows "Hi" and "Lo" respectively.
  12. Two Push Buttons are provided. One for showing Input Voltage and the other for Instant Start i.e. for bypassing the time delay manually.


  1.   Extensively field tested. TWO YEARS WARRANTY.
  2.  Very Low Cost. Readily replaceable with your existing analog type relay based stabilizer kit.
  3. Very suitable for individuals, manufacturers or bulk suppliers.