Digital Time Switch

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Digital Time Switch

State of Art Product. Real Time Clock Controlled, Single ON Time & Single OFF time. Can switch ON and OFF automatically any device at preset time. Highly reliable. can be used to auto control home lights, devices, Street Lights.


  • Micro Controller based, soft programmable at site.
  • 12 months, astrologic, different timings can be programmed at a time. (12 ON-OFF for 12 Months).
  • Continues display of real time , (HR, MIN, SEC.) date and Day.
  • Backlit 2 line LCD Display shows the Programmed value with instant correction facility.
  • Weekly off day can be selected from Monday – Sunday (any day)
  • Programmed timing can be checked by pressing a single key of front panel at any time.
  • Two different models are available called DGT-1, DGT-2
  • DGT-1 is single channel model for switching once (ON-OFF) per 24 Hrs.
  • DGT-2 is double channel model for switching once (ON-OFF) separately at different time (ie Start time may be same or different for both channel. One channel can be stopped automatically (by program) such as at midnight (for power savings) as lighting requirement at midnight is less then evening.
  • Twilight sensor also available (built in or separate) on request which can take care at cloudy & dark atmosphere. Twilight sensor has option to enable or disable by program.
  • Rechargeable built in battery assures 250 Hrs. (10 Days) backup for real time clock.  In case of power failure, Display will not show the time & date. However, There will not be any change in time till 10 Days.
  • Direct Lighting load without an intermediate switching contactor NOT RECOMMENDED.
  • SMPS Based power supply accepts 85 - 280V Aux. power Source.


Technical Specification:

  • Display                      :    2 Line, 16 Character Backlit LCD

  • Operating Power        :    85 - 280VAC

  • Current Tolerance      :    ±1% of set Value.

  • Time tolerance           :    ±1% of set Value.

  • Frequency                  :    50/60 HZ.

  • Relay Contact             :    5A, 240V AC (Resistive)

  • Insulation Resistance   :    DC 500V – 100 Mohms.

  • DI-Electric Value          :    2.0 KV / 1Min.

  • Operational Temp        :    (-) 10°C - 80°C.

  • Storage Temp             :    (-) 15°C - 90°C.

  • Humidity                     :    30 - 90% RH ( No Freezing)

  • Enclosure                    :    Moulded Engineering Plastic.

  • Front Fascia                :    96 X 96 mm.

  • Depth                         :    65 mm.

  • Cut out                       :    92 X 92 mm.

  • Mounting                    :    Flash panel Mounting.

  • Protection Degree        :    IP 52 on front fascia, IP 3X at rear side.

  • Terminal                     :    Rear Side, Screw type with shroud.

  • Max. Cable Size (Lugs) :    2.5 Sq mm.



Connection Diagram


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