4X4X4 LED Cube

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Sixty-four LEDs makes up this 4x4x4 cube, controlled by an Atmel Atmega16 microcontroller. Each LED can be addressed individually in the software, enabling it to display amazing 3D animations!

LED cubes rely on an optical phenomenon called persistence of vision or POV. If you flash an LED really fast, the image stays on your retina for a little while after the LED turns off. By flashing each layer of the cube one after another really fast, it gives the illusion of a 3D image, this is also called multiplexing.

The LED cube is made up of columns and layers. Each of the 16 (anode) columns and the four (cathode) layers are connected to the controller board with a separate wire and can be controlled individually.



  • 4X4X4 High Bright Blue LED
  • Complete assembled
  • Impressive Transparent Acrylic Box
  • Comes with 5V/500mA SMPS Adapter
  • Very Good for Gift Item