Simple 8X8 Matrix Display

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This is a very simple project that uses an 8×8 LED matrix and an AVR microcontroller. It is fun to have something like this. Using this, you can make flashing texts, scrolling texts, or any sort of animations that involves texts or graphics.


The microcontroller used in this project is ATtiny2313. This microcontroller is from the AVR family of microcontrollers of Atmel. It has 2KB of flash memory for program storage, 128 bytes of RAM, and 128 bytes of EEPROM. It also has enough I/O ports for this project, USART for serial communication, and it has up to 8MHz of internal oscillator.

The TX and RX pins of the microcontroller are brought out to male headers for future use. The pins can be used to communicate with PC or other devices using UART. Therefore, this project can be customized so that its animations would be programmable using a customized PC software.