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This is a very interesting Project and this is the first time on the net that it is available with FULL SOURCE CODE!!! You can write any massage of approximately 2 Pages of matter and it will be displayed in moving format with different effects.


  • 7 Line Shift Register based LED Display.
  • Robust Circuits with very bright .
  • Full proof circuits ensures long life of the LEDs.
  • AT89C51 based very small mother Board.
  • No Extra EEPROM or Window PROM ensures the Copy Proof.
  • Low Power Consumption. Low Cost Power Unit.

Our Offerings:

  1. One Mother Board Complete
  2. One One Ft Display Circuits Complete but with out cabinet.
  3. One CD ROM contain all the Software, Source Code, Schematic, PCB Diagram and the Guide to manufacturing your own Moving Message Display.