RS485 Converter for PC RS232 Serial Port

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This board is easy solution for RS485 to RS232 conversion. It can communicate over a distance of 1.2KM and moreover it is directly powered by PC serial port, so we don't need any extra power supply unit.

Many times we need to communicate PC serial port (RS232) for a longer distance. Normal RS232 port could not communicate well for a distance over few meters. But in the situation like data logger or LED display where the micro-controller unit is far away (say about a KM) we face trimendus problem to transport data over RS232 network. Thats why we need RS485 network. But again converting RS485 with RS232 is much problematic.


  • Directly powered by PC Serial port.
  • Proven communication for over a distance of 1.2KM
  • Auto switching between Rx data and Tx data.
  • Jumper settings for multidrop network.
  • Comes with Serial Cable to connect PC.