Boarduino Made In India

  • Model: ARD_AT8
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This is a very popular and Chepest ARDIUNO Clone and Ofcourse it is Made In India. People who loves to work with solderless bread board, they will welcome this board. It has got all the funtionality of standered Arduino and still it is cheap.


  • Designed to plug into a breadboard for easy prototyping
  • Petite size, only 2.75 " x 0.8" (75mm x 20mm)
  • All 'standard' pins are brought out - Digital 0 thru 13, Analog 0 thru 5, ARef, 5V, Ground, 3.3V and Reset
  • 2 LEDs, RED power and GREEN "pin 13" LED just like the Arduino Diecimila
  • Standard Reset button
  • ATmega8 16PU, running at 16.00 MHz, just like the NG and Diecimila
  • 6-pin standard ICSP header
  • Standard B-Type USB jack.
  • USB or external power, selectable with a jumper
  • Auto-reset capability
  • Available as a low cost alternative for ARDUINO.
  • Completly presoldered & tested kit.