Certificate Course for 8051 Micro-Controller

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Course Details:

Day 1:

Introduction to Micro-Controller.

Basic Hardware Model of 8051.

Concept of Assembler & Compiler. Introduction to different Assembler & Compilers.

Day 2:

Introduction to assembly Language.

Basic Structure of Assembly Language.

Introduction to Assembly Language Instructions Sets.

Day 3:

Internal Registers Organizations of 8051.

Short Descriptions of SFRs and Its usage.

First Program in Assembly Language.

Day 4:

Introductions to “Front Line Simulator.

How to write program in ASM51 and do the computer simulation in FLS.

Day 5:

Detail study of Instructions Sets.

Practical Applications and simulations in PC.

Day 6:

Review and Q&A

Day 7:

Review and Q&A

Day 8:

8051 Timers and its Applications.

Day 9:

Concept of Interrupts.

Timer Interrupts and its applications

Day 10:

Concept of “Counter” and use of Timer as Counter

Event Counter.

External Interrupts and its use.

Day 11:

Introduction to Serial Communication.

RS232 protocol and Baud Rate.

Setting Up micro-controller for Serial Communication with PC.

Day 12:

Review and Q&A.

Day 13:

Review and Q&A

Day 14:

Practical Usage of 8051 in Industrial Application.

Introduction of Rapid Development Board for practical sessions.

Interfacing Simple Switches. Slide Switch, Toggle Switch and Matrix Switch.

Practical with RDB.

Day 15:

Interfacing Simple LED, High Current LED and Relay.

Practical with RDB.

Day 16:

Interfacing Seven Segment Display.

Practical with RDB.

Interfacing Seven Segment Display with CD4511.

Interfacing Seven Segment Display in Matrix Format.

Practical with RDB.

Day 17:

Interfacing 16X2 Alfa Numeric LCD.

Practical with RDB.

Day 18:

Review and Q&A

Day 19:

RS232 Communication Practical with RDB.

Stepper Motor Interfacing. Practical with RDB.

Day 20:

Review and Q&A for whole course.

Preparation for Examination.

Day 21:

Theory Exam for 100 Marks in 1 Hour.

Practical Exam for 100 Marks in 1 Hour.

Please Note That "This is not a online course, customers have to attend the classroom at Kolkata" We will assist outstation students for accommodation. Charges are only for course fees. 

Total Course Fee For This Course is Rs.5000/- inclusive of all.

Students wants to join the course, must have to book their seats by paying Rs.500/-, rest of the amount will be collected by cash at the time of first attendance at the class room.

There will be maximum 20 students per class. We cannot arrange any personal class, so students must wait for the next class schedule. Students will be informed over Phone (If available) and E-mail for the next class schedule. If for any reason, any student cannot attend the class they must inform us well before the start date of the class and they will have all ways next chance to join at the next class.