ARDUINO Express Learning Course

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ARDUINO Express Learning Course:

Now a days most happening subject in micro-controller is Arduino. Arduino is not only a simple board, but a GUI platform and probably the most popular GUI in micro-controller. The open source hardware and software (open source 'C' compiler) makes it so popular. There are tons of litaratures available on Arduino. Although newbee may face dificult to kick start on Arduino. This course will not only help you to kick start on Arduio but you can also become master on Arduino.

More over we are offering Free Arduino Kit for all the students perticipeting the class. Thus student can continue their experiments with Arduino after finishing this class, at home, without any hunting for the basic Kit.

Course Duration: 4 Weeks, Total 24-26 Hours

Course Outline:

  • Introduction to Arduino
  • Arduino Hardware understanding
  • Arduino IDE
  • Setting up your first Ardunio Board
  • Sketch, understanding of sketch
  • Programming with Arduino 'C'
  • Using matametical operators
  • Serial Communication
  • Simple Digital & Analog Input
  • Getting input from verious sensors
  • Using LED & LCD with Arduino.
  • Discussion about Using advance peripherals like I2C, Real Time Clock, Ethernet etc.