Multi - PIC Programmer

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Low cost ever possible PIC Programmer is very useful for hobbyist as well as professionals. Vast list of PIC micro-Controller can be programmed by this device. Very Easy GNU based software makes life very simple. The programmer is compatible with the HEX code generated by MPLAB. The most attractive feature is that you don't need any External power supply. And in ADD ON you can program some EEPROM also. Please find the features and other things bellow.


  • Very Small Size. 
  • No External Power Supply.
  • Program through RS232 Serial Port of Computer.
  • Very Easy GNU Based Programming Software (IC-Prog).
  • Compatible with MPLAB and other compiler.
  • ISP Socket for In Circuit Programming.
  • Can program listed EEPROM.
  • LED Indication for Active Program Mode and Hardware Check.
  • High Quality ZIF Socket for easy removal and insertion of ICs.
  • High Quality Wooden Cabinet.
  • Comes with CD ROM contains the PC Software ( IC-Prog), MPLAB, Manual, Free Codes.