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AMF Controller (LCD)

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  • Model: DCOR01

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This is an industrial quality product for Autometic Change Over of Single Phase or Three Phase Supply from Mains to DG. The system not only act as AMF also it STARTs the Engine (DG) as per its starting procedure and in case of any faileure it also activate Alarm output for Hotter and Indicator. In case of normal supply resume, the system will transfer the load to mains supply all most instantly and left the DG running for a pre defined time and the it starts the stopping procedure of DG.


  • Powerfull Micro-controller controlled.
  • Large LCD Display (20X4 Blue Back) for display of various status of the system.
  • Very user friendly software features, so that any one can understand the system and it's operations.
  • User selectable various timers such as DG Cranking Time, DG Crank-pause Time, DG idle run time etc.
  • User selectable healthy conditions of DG and Mains (Under Voltage and Over Voltage).
  • Display of TOTAL DG RUN HOUR.
  • DG Fault inputs like Low Oil Pressure, High Radiator Temparature.
  • DG Fault output for Hooter and Indicator Lamp.



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